Industrial HEAT PUMPS

Industrial Heat Pumps


EcoTech enthusiastic team is always willing to help you to select correct heat Pump for your industrial application such:-

  • Boiler feed water
  • Hot water in AHU to control humidity and temperature
  • Food Processing
  • Auto Components cleaning
  • 7 tank process ……. & many more
Capacity / Range 300 Ltrs/hr 500 Ltrs/hr 600 Ltrs/hr 750 Ltrs/hr 1000 Ltrs/hr 1500 Ltrs/hr

Why not contact EcoTech team now and see how we can help you with your commercial heat pump water heater needs?

EcoTech Heat Pumps are installed in open area like rooftop/balcony to absorb heat for ambient. These units deliver hot water up to 60℃, irrespective of ambient temperature.

Heat pump can deliver hot water even ambient is (-) 20C. Heat Pump delivers hot water 365 days in a year, and suitable for :

Bungalows / Villa Restaurants Laundries …..& Many more

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