Comercial Heat Pumps

Commercial Heat Pumps


  • Split type system for flexible installation – external and internal units.
  • Rugged and reliable rotary compressor from Panasonic.
  • High energy efficiency – COP up-to 4
  • Intelligent automatic controller to set temperature and time options.
  • Pressurized hot water storage tank,  for water storage.
  • High rated pressure of 7 bars – designed to work with pressure pumps.
  • Can be combined with a circulation pump to deliver hot water within seconds anywhere in the house.
Capacity / Range 300 Ltrs/ Hr 500 Ltrs/hr 600 Ltrs/hr 750 Ltrs/hr 1000 Ltrs/hr 1500 Ltrs/hr

Uses heat from the air to heat water and saves energy up to 75%, when compared to oil fired boilers or electric water heaters. EcoTech Heat Pumps are ideal for commercial applications like in hotels, hospitals, SPA’s, and hostels etc. where hot water is needed in large volumes. This range saves on operating costs by tapping into the heat in the air in a safe and affordable way. In the business environment, a commercial heat pump water heater provides considerable savings on energy bills.

EcoTech heat Pumps provide most energy efficient solution for Bulk Water Heating, Its energy-saving, safe, high efficiency, and environment-friendly.

We believe in guided sales, meaning we are willing and able to help you at every step of proper selection to chose technically correct and commercially viable solution.

EcoTech Solutions commercial heat pump can even give good performance at -20℃ to 50 C working conditions, with which makes it more and more popular in many places like:
Hotels Hospitals Super market Office building SPA’s School Leisure centre & Many more

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